Just wanted to make a quick post saying congrats to the Mozilla team for successfully hitting the world record for the most software downloads in a 24 hour period, as well as making the most kick-ass browsing experience I've ever had possible!

I've been using Firefox 3 since before Download Day (btw - got your certificate for downloading FF3 yet?  If not, clicky) and I must applaud the Mozilla group for all the hard work they put into the new version, and must say the plugin community really put the petal to the metal to ensure that most of the popular plugins worked with our new browser friend.

Anywho, I've kinda been out of the picture for a while due to my back/other things taking precident, but I'm still working on a few things coming up.  I hope I'll be able to finish at least one of them up this week for posting, we'll see.

- Alex Meadows