Well, the past weekend was fun - spent a good chuck of time hacking my PDA to have a better touch-based interface.
This all started when I saw Turn Your Windows Mobile Phone Into an iPhone over at Lifehacker.

Now the main reason why I wanted to do this was because I never really liked my PDA - Windows Mobile is not a very user friendly interface. I like things to have the capability of being very complex (i.e. being able to do all kinds of time saving features) but also ergonomic.

With the touch interface of the iPhone, I'm able to add that layer of ergonomics that has been lacking. Yes yes, I know I was able to use all kinds of software before the iPhoneesque interface, but again, it's about the usability not just the functions.

So anyway, I got to digging around on the Internet and found a much better tutorial on how to perform such an interface conversion: iPhone Windows Mobile Skin

Following Jen's lovely guide, I was able to get my PDA using almost all of the software she suggested.

Here's my PDA's install of S2U2 - it was once called Slide2Unlock. Either way - it's a cool little app.

src=\"http://www.bluefiredatasolutions.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/04/s2u2-199x300.jpg\" alt=\"What happens when my PDA goes to sleep\" width=\"199\" height=\"300\" />

Then of course, there is the main application, rlToday. This app gives your PDA the basic iPhone-esque interface.


I'm now starting to play around with Touch Commander and UltimateLaunch - just google them, though they are not free, they get your PDA even more touch-interfacing to your apps. I'll probably write up a review about them soon.

In other news, I do have some tutorials I am writing - but I've not finished either of them up. Will get them up here soon though.

- Alex Meadows