So at work, I've started moving things into the 21st century tech-wise - implementing a software bug/feature tracking system and working on installing a subversion server (even if I am the only programmer there, it'll be a big help I think....).

Something else I've been looking into for a while is programming frameworks, specifically with PHP. I've already found a Javascript framework that works well for my various projects (for those interested, it's jQuery). I'm still looking around to find the just right PHP framework. Recently I've been toying around with CakePHP, but if anyone reads this I'm wondering if you may have some suggestions - so there you go.

As an aside before I wrap things up, the main site has been completely revamped, with more work coming soon to get the site truly polished up. That polishing will also include true blog integration into the rest of the site, but more on that coming soon.

- Alex Meadows