Well, if anyone is reading this allow me to say, welcome!

Let me start off by explaining a bit about why I'm blogging here, what BlueFire is about, etc etc.

My name is Alex, and I am the founder of BlueFire Data Solutions. There's still a lot of development going on with the rest of the site (and seeing that I just got WordPress installed I've got work to do on my blog layout =p ) - even so, feel free to look around.

I have been working with web-based database systems for about two years now, and wanted to continue further development in the field. I started BlueFire to do just that. While working with my current employer, I have developed the skills needed to move systems from paper-based over to fully electronic, validated systems. These types of systems eliminate waste - time, resources, and movement. Instead of hunting down the necessary forms for that critical bit of information, users are able to go to a centralized web-based system - available from any network connected device - and have access to that information in real time. Not only does efficiency increase, but think about if you're being audited - your company would be able to pull together information faster that ever before. Now, as for what else I'm planning for the blog. I want to be able to provide gleams of information from my experiences on a daily basis as a database administrator. I also want to provide tutorials for the various tools I use, especially where tutorials for some the of products I develop with are far and few between.

Anywho, I'll end this posting for now, but look forward to a post later this week - maybe even a tutorial for Pentaho .....

- Alex Meadows